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You did not go into business because you wanted to do bookkeeping. You want to pursue whatever interests you have that drive your business. Our services are designed to remove those bookkeeping burdens from you. As Lead Consultant, I practice the following:

Initial Consultation


I do a lot of listening when I first meet a prospective client. I want to understand their business and the way information flows through their processes and interfaces with their staff.

What do they sell? Are there estimates? Who invoices and collects payments? Are tax accounts setup properly? Are there internal controls? Are there backups? What exactly does the owner want from the system? What does the bookkeeper need help with?

After doing this for 18 years, I have learned to listen. And although at this point in my career, I can fairly well see what is needed right away - I think about it and only then, provide a solution.



Bookkeepers do not have easy jobs. There are deadlines - people need to be paid, money needs to be accounted for, bills must be paid, and employees, owners, and accountants may be assigning tasks.

We understand this and not only provide technical answers but do it in a way so that the bookkeeper will understand and be able to repeat the solution. In other words, we teach - not lecture.

We want to establish a relationship and be available for that last minute call or "silly" question that no one wants to ask but that everyone has.

Set Up

In order to set up an accounting system, one needs to understand exactly what they are trying to make the system do. That is why the initial design is so important. If we have sat down and decided that you need a P&L by location then the actual clicking of options is easy.

Where people get into problems is simply trying things. Despite QuickBooks being such a popular program, it can be very complex.

When we set up a system we are trying to implement a good plan and to use that opportunity to teach those that will be using the system.



Teaching is not lecturing. Teaching is participating with the students so they put their hands on the keyboard and complete tasks in the context of the bigger picture so they know why they are doing the task.

Training can be done in a classroom setting or one-on-one.

The goal is for the student to leave not only knowing how to do what your business needs but why it is best to do it that way.

Advanced Services

It is true that most of a QuickBooks consulting time is answering simple questions: "How do I reconcile the bank account?" "The checks stuck in the printer, what do I do?" "I forgot my password."

But if you need advanced services, please remember for 5 years I traveled around the United States as a national liaison for the international consulting firm McGladrey (CPAs). Then for 13 more years, I worked on a wide range of projects and have a wealth of knowledge that I would love to put to work for you.

Monthly Services


Some business benefit from outsourcing some or all of their bookkeeping. We have plans that range from simply doing bank recs, paying the bills, and sending in your taxes all the way through completing all tasks as though we were your full-time bookkeeper.

See our Financial Arrangements page.

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