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Finding A QuickBooks Expert in St. George, Utah

Your overall objective is to find an expert who can assist you in achieving your goals.

There are several factors, each of which provides you confidence in your selection, that you should consider:

Experience: Accounting is complex. Although, QuickBooks is made to be simple for the user, the advanced features can become complicated. Your business is too valuable to let someone learn on your system. You want someone who has learned working on countless systems and encountered and overcome many challenges.

Education: Although not a requirement for QuickBooks, it is difficult to imagine one teaching themselves the accounting that typically takes a student several years at a university. Look for someone that has went through a university and learned accounting from the foundation up. A typical education will cover financial accounting, management, job costing, taxes, and much more.

Reputation: These are earned and not given. Look for someone that has earned their reputation by completing successful projects for clients.

Certification: QuickBooks Online offers two certifications: Certified ProAdvisor and Certified ProAdvisor Advanced. If your business is important to you, why not demand the advanced.

Communication: All of the above is useless if your ProAdvisor can’t communicate with you. After all, you will discuss your books with the ProAdvisor and the ProAdvisor will probably train your staff or at least answer some questions from your bookkeeper. Also, you are very busy and the accountant needs to get to the point articulately.

Your business is important and you should demand the best.

As always, call us if you have any questions.

P.S. We try to make our blog educational and not “salesy” but as you decide upon a ProAdvisor consider our qualifications: Education (18 years, 6 in CPA firms), Education (4 year accounting degree and Master’s degree from UNLV), Reputation (the highest), and Certification (Advanced).


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