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Adding a GL Account: Words, Picture & Video

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Adding a General Ledger account is about the most fundamental action one can take in an accounting system. It is necessary so that there are "containers" to hold the amounts that a business wants to track. The steps in QBO are as follows:

1) Starting from the Dashboard, go to the Nav bar on the left and at the bottom click “Accounting;”

2) We are now in the Chart of Accounts Screen, look to the upper right and select the button “New;”

3) Let’s set up a Revenue Account that will appear on our Income Statement;

4) The first field is “Account Type” – we select “Income” and QBO uses this designation to know which financial statement this account goes on;

5) Next is “Detail Type” use “Service/Fee Income;”

6) In the "Name" field, type the word "Accounting" at the beginning;

7) If we turned on the ability to have account numbers the "Number" field appears

8) Enter "Description;"

9) If the account is a sub-account then select the "Is sub-account" checkbox and enter the parent account; and

10) Select save and close.

And that’s how to add a GL account. As always, if you have any questions – just give us a call.

The window where you can add a GL account.


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