Fill out a Single Time Activity

Step by Step: Fill out a Single Time Activity

1. Select Quick Create (+) at the top of the QuickBooks Online window.

2. If necessary, select Show More.

3. Under Employees, select Single Time Activity.

4. Enter the name of the employee or vendor whose time is being tracked.

5. Enter the date for which the time is being tracked.

6. Enter the customer for whom the time is being tracked.

7. Enter the service being rendered during this time.

8. If the Billable preference is turned on, check if the time is billable and the billing rate.

9. If the time is billable, check the box if the billable time is taxable.

10. Enter the time tracked, for example, 3.5 hours, either in HH:MM format (3:30) or in decimal format (3.5). Or check the box next to Enter Start & End Times then fill in the fields for Start Time and End Time.

11. Enter a description of the work done.

12. Select Save, Save and close or Save and new.

13. If you see a window suggesting you try TSheets, click Not now.

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