Create Invoice for Unbilled Activity

Step by Step: Create Invoice for Unbilled Activity

You can also easily create invoices for any unbilled activity.

1. Select Sales à Customers from the left navigation bar.

2. Click the Unbilled Activity rectangle in the left section of the money bar to display a list of unbilled activity.

3. You could click Start Invoice in the far-right column from here to see the unbilled activity. Instead, however, click Unbilled activity for Amy’s Bird Sanctuary.

4. Find the one Time Charge activity that is outstanding (unbilled) for this customer; it will display Start Invoice in the far-right column. Click Create Invoice.

NOTE: If you have multiple activities listed here (instead of just one), you can start an invoice for one unbilled activity and bring other unbilled activities in from the drawer on the right to add them as well.

5. Add any additional charges, sales tax or discounts then click Save and close, Save and new, Save and send or Save and share link.

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Partial example from sample company to the right:

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