Create a Bill

Step by Step: Create a Bill

1. Go to Action à Create bill for Bob’s Burger Joint.

NOTE: Because of the setting Show items table on expense and purchase forms (in the Expenses tab of Account and Settings), you have the choice to assign the detail portion of bills directly to one or more accounts on the Chart of Accounts, or use one or more items from the Products and Services list, or use a combination of the two functionalities.

2. Assign a bill number 1234. Under Account details enter Advertising for $2,500, billable to customer Amy’s Bird Sanctuary.

3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + s to save this bill and open a new bill entry screen.

4. Enter a second bill #1333 for Bob’s Burger Joint for Meals and Entertainment, $250 then Save and close. (Note that because the Company Setting Pre-fill forms with previously entered content is turned on (under Advanced and Automation), you’ll have to overwrite the Advertising account that appears with Meals and Entertainment; you’ll also have to change the amount of the expense from $2,500 to $250.)


Notice that when you used your keyboard shortcut to save bill 1234, QuickBooks saved the transaction and assumed you wanted to enter an additional transaction of the same type. But QuickBooks does not assume you want to use the same vendor. Therefore, in this case you needed to enter Bob’s Burger Joint as the vendor in the second bill.

Now you see Bob’s Burger Joint has $2,750 as an Open Balance in the Vendor Center:


If you click Bob’s Burger Joint in the Vendor Center, you will see the two open bills adding up to $2,750. You would then be able to make a payment by clicking on Make payment in the Action column in the far right next to one of the bills. If you want to pay the second bill on that same payment, you would be able to add the second bill to the payment transaction.

However, you don’t have to go down to the individual bill level to tell QuickBooks Online to pay a vendor’s bills. There are many ways to pay bills in QuickBooks Online. We will cover bill payments next.

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Partial example from sample company to the right:

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