Printing QBO Transaction List By Vendor

Step by Step: Bank Rec History and Tools

1. Click the gear icon and choose Reconcile from the Tools column.

2. If you see the Find your balance screen, click Reconcile an account.


3. If you see the Reconcile like a pro screen, click Let’s do it.


4. You’re going to reconcile the Checking account, so there is no need to change the account to reconcile.

5. Enter Statement Ending Date of the last day of the month before last and Ending Balance $4,349.46 and click Start reconciling.


6. Make sure the filter at the top of the grid shows Statement ending date. Click on the Payments tab to display the payments and withdrawals from the account only.

7. There are seven transactions that cleared in the Payments area during the statement period, and you can clear each one individually by clicking a checkmark in the circle in the far-right column for each transaction. Alternately, you can clear every transaction in a column by clicking a checkmark in the circle at the top of that column rather than in each individual circle. Therefore, clearing seven would be best done by clearing all nine, then un-checking the two that did not clear. If you do clear all transactions by clicking a checkmark at the top of a column, you’ll be asked to confirm Yes, select all. Then you can un-check the ones that did not clear.


8. Click the Deposits tab and mark the only deposit during the month as cleared.


9. When the difference between the Statement Ending Balance and the Cleared Balance is zero (and only when it is zero), click Finish Now.

WARNING: if you click Finish Now with a non-zero difference, you will be creating an Auto Adjustment transaction for the difference to be posted to the Reconciliation Discrepancies account, and you will require your accountant user (who has access to QuickBooks Online Accountant and its exclusive tools) to fix your problem. This may entail undoing one or more reconciliations, which can only be done with access to QuickBooks Online Accountant. If you cannot finish reconciling to the point where you have a zero difference, click Save for Later and come back to your reconciliation when you are fresher.

WARNING: if you reconcile an account then change an amount on a cleared transaction (something you should never do), that will also require someone with QuickBooks Online Accountant access to fix the problem. Even if you change something else, like a date on a cleared transaction, if the date change is major, it could cause problems that would require someone with QuickBooks Online Accountant access to remedy.

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